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“No time to say “Hello.” Goodbye!……”

The big upset came this morning at 830 am when my cell phone rang waking me in a fever of anxiety and hurried panic. “Shit…Shit SHIT SHIT. ” I shouted.  I had left my mother stranded. Switching off the profanity, I answered the phone.  “Forget about me?” a very calming motherly voice responded, in a way that almost sensed my despair. “Yeah… Read more →

A Banana

A banana was my breakfast on my drive into work today, behind a truck carrying a vast amount of flammable liquid with a sign that read “This Truck is Limited to 90km per hour”. I munched away on the tropical fruit bombing down the highway. I hadnt had a banana in a long time, so much so that the taste… Read more →

New Look for a New Tour…

Welcome to “Kirby: Tour, Music, Life” @  KirbySings.com. With my upcoming Western Canadian Tour with Blind Mule and a bunch of new stuff in the works for me in 2009, I thought it would be good to start with a new site. The kinx will be worked and the rest of the site will be up shortly so make sure you… Read more →