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Farting As A Pick-Up Line | Tour Blog 2

Well it happened again. Not enough sleep, too much drinking, smoking, partying and awesome times have conspired against me and I’m again feeling the sick. I guess I asked for it and its not nearly as bad as last summers bout of Tonsilitis post Bandon Folk Festival. A sickness that hit me so hard I was literally shaking in my… Read more →

SXSW Journal Pt 2.

The following entires are my recounts of the travels I had getting too and from Austin. I wrote most of it during my wait in the Dallas bus depot where I had a 4 hour layover. SXSW Journal Wednesday March 17, 2010 6:00am Well after much trepidation I crossed into the US via Detroit. Currently I’m traveling down i75 south…I… Read more →

My Music Friends | Pt 2. The Delightful Drew Smith

If Radiohead’s Thom Yorke was able to resurrect the late Jeff Buckley, procreate with him and raise the offspring in the Canadian music scene, you would get something close to Hamilton’s Drew Smith. Now it may be cliché to make such a statement, but the fact is Drew’s sweet words and soft lulling guitars feel like the narrative and background music of those dreams you never want to… Read more →

“No time to say “Hello.” Goodbye!……”

The big upset came this morning at 830 am when my cell phone rang waking me in a fever of anxiety and hurried panic. “Shit…Shit SHIT SHIT. ” I shouted.  I had left my mother stranded. Switching off the profanity, I answered the phone.  “Forget about me?” a very calming motherly voice responded, in a way that almost sensed my despair. “Yeah… Read more →

A Banana

A banana was my breakfast on my drive into work today, behind a truck carrying a vast amount of flammable liquid with a sign that read “This Truck is Limited to 90km per hour”. I munched away on the tropical fruit bombing down the highway. I hadnt had a banana in a long time, so much so that the taste… Read more →

New Look for a New Tour…

Welcome to “Kirby: Tour, Music, Life” @  KirbySings.com. With my upcoming Western Canadian Tour with Blind Mule and a bunch of new stuff in the works for me in 2009, I thought it would be good to start with a new site. The kinx will be worked and the rest of the site will be up shortly so make sure you… Read more →