5:56 AM. Home…of sorts… Time in station 30+ Days Prospects…many. Plans…lots and none. I sat down to write today in between internet binges of Reddit and Facebook. I’ll lose hours sitting there. Write for a bit, get a verse out then its gone. Two great ideas today though. I’m not sure whats next. I really don’t know how to move… Read more →

Whole New Mess Request

A few days ago my friend Wendy asked what happened to an older version of the song Mess I recoded live last year outside of Golden, BC while on tour. Well…I had pulled it. I just thought it wasn’t that good and it didn’t have that many hits anyway…so who’d miss it right? Well to my surprise, someone did. Wendy… Read more →

FSJ Travel Diary | I Can Do Better

***These entries are written without much thought, just reflection after long days and uncomfortable nights in my car driving across Canada.*** I don’t think I’m ever ready for anything. I ended up leaving for Ft St John a day late. Packing, always took longer, but not for the reasons that one would think, I just threw away so much crap…I… Read more →

Kirby Says Buh-Bye To Steeltown

UPDATE: Be sure to some see me off Thursday August 23rd at Gallagher’s In Hamilton. DETAILS As many of you have heard, I have accepted a job up in Ft. St. John, British Columbia at Northern Groove Magazine, a wonderful arts and culture publication that covers the North Peace Region and I head out on August 26th. Yowza…so soon! There… Read more →

Stop Paying For Water | Go Find A Spring! provides links to frresh water springs all across the globe.  “When I was 6 or 7, my grandfather and I used to go to a fresh water spring to fill up two massive jugs of water. Fresh, drinkable water, available all year. Available for all who made the trek. No tax, no utility, no fee. I liked the idea… Read more →